Tuesday, April 20, 2010

where is my winter?

so everyday i go on trendycrew, all the pretty birds, altamira and stockholm streetstle (where i got my pics) to see what the latest and most fashionable people are wearing.
i love doing this because this is where i draw all my outfit inspiration from. my 2 favourite outfits here are by far the last 2. 
so what is stopping me you ask (beside the obvious $1000000 that i need to purchase everything)
the answer is the weather!
its autumn in australia, thats right the season before winter...... yesterday i bought i summer dress.
what is going on? 27 degrees today.....i don't get it?
i know most people on the other side of the world would be greatful for the blue sunny skies, but there  are 2 problems here
  1. i can't enjoy the day anyway because i am at work.
2. i look at pictures like the above all day and all i want to do is wear black leather pants, killer boots and a quality blazer.

conclusion: the grass is always greener.

oh and P.S i love my new floral dress!

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