Monday, April 5, 2010

can't stop

so i know i keep going on about the miu miu shoes and the alexa bag but i seriously think i have found my dream. this is the best colours i have seen yet for the miu miu half clog half sandal and this is by far the best alexa bag i have seen (and also the most expensive) 
lets just say i am a little bit in love. but seriously i am going to europe in 3 months and am going to save my butt off between now and then and in the meantime compile the best shopping list ever.
so annoying though that i want to buy everything now. i really hope its not all gone by the time i get there.... but on the other hand i know that if everything is gone it doesn't matter cause there will plenty of divine things that i'm sure i will "need" and if not......well i guess there's always net-a-porter.

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