Saturday, March 20, 2010


paris and francoise hardy. forever on my mind.


  1. paris is number two on my places to visit within the next 5 years ..
    numero uno is sydney, australia :)
    you live in australia, no? would you recommend travelling there / what kind of things would be fun to do from a tourist's perspective?
    ps - your blog is one of my favourites right now, so much so that i went through the archives today to check out all of your older posts. we definitely have similar tastes in clothing!

  2. Sydney is really good to travel to, but it is definitely best to come in the summertime cause the weather is better. Although it's autumn now and its about 30 degrees Celsius today so the weather is still really hot! The best thing to do here by far is go to the beach. Also there is some good shopping places and also good area's to go out eating and drinking. There are heaps of cool small bars around darlinghurst and surry hills. I love Sydney, but I LOVE paris, i have been there before and am going again in July. SO EXCITED!!!!

    p.s- Thanks for liking my blog. i love clothes and pictures and blogging so keep reading!!