Sunday, February 21, 2010

marc jacobs

so i have a bit of a crush on these looks by marc jacobs. the 2 dresses are just damn cute and the fur.... well i'm not going to lie, i might secretly be wishing for winter to hit the streets of sydney soon so i can wear this. as i am wishing this i remember that it is never cold enough in winter to wear fur anyway and there is the other small problem that i cannot afford to buy it even if i wanted to wear it and even if i could afford it i wouldn't get enough wear out of it. the only reasonable solution seems to be to move to alaska where i can wear fur everyday and even live in an igloo, and when i say reasonable i mean completely unreasonable because  lets face it i don't think my new marc jacobs fur  would look too good in an igloo. i've never been the biggest fan of the cold anyway, but i think i am slowly warming to it (he he he).

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