Thursday, October 22, 2009



so its friday. and as of today fridays= me putting up my favourite pictures of my favourite people (and sometimes quotes, movies and songs) of the week. don't worry it won't be a shrine to alexa chung (well at least not every week).

this week- from the top

kaya scodelario- effy from my favourite show skins. im obsessed because she breaks my heart.
erin wasson- always looking hot
tennesee, alexa and agyness- just plain cool.... i wish trhey were my friends
blake lively and leighton meester- xoxo
johnny king
kaya scodelario- again i can't get enough of her 
blair: you are disgusting. i hate you.
chuck: then why are you still holding my hand?

james franco- marry me? 
the best polaroids
my favourite freddie and effy quote from skins
song i am listening to on repeat right now.

i love fridays

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